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Jon & Carly Anniversary 35.jpg

Photo by Amberle Dekker

I'm Carly Van Eck, and I create vibrant, colorful, abstract acrylic paintings. I've always enjoyed being creative and artistic, and and I was known for doodling in my notebook during class. When I finished grad school, I entered the social work field, working in mental health. Meanwhile, I was creating many different types of crafts and people were offering to buy them from me. Following a long series of chronic health issues, I found that working a traditional job was not something I could do. I began to expand my art and crafting and decided to make it a business. At that time, I did everything from refinishing furniture and creating holiday decor, to painting signs and making watercolor cards. I have since begun to focus on acrylic abstract painting in happy colors. Color brings me joy and I hope it does for others as well!

I work out of my home in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. I'm married to my amazing husband of 12 years and we have 2 cats. My husband helps me with photo editing and social media, and my cats are loyal supporters who are always by my side, trying to "help" with my artwork. I live in an awesome community full of so many incredible supporters. I'm so grateful to everyone who helps me, buys from me, shares my posts, comments on my photos, tells others about my business, and encourages me. Thank you for your support!

Jon & Carly Anniversary 100.jpg

Jonathan & me
Photo by Amberle Dekker




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